What you should know about keyboards

If you are planning to get a decent keyboard for writing you should read up this guide.


Mechanical keyboards are something I’ve been considering for a while, my current keyboard the logitech wave is decent but when I try to type fast with it the keys get stuck and the build quality feels flimsy..so next keyboard will be mechanical, the Thermaltake meka G1 seems interesting.



Podcast fun

http://isbw.murlafferty.com/ — the “I should Be Writing” podcast (“It’s a podcast for the wanna-be writer, someone who had always wanted to write but just hadn’t for… whatever reason.”) seems quite interesting, haven’t listened to this much yet though.

http://www.sfsignal.com/archives/category/podcast-2/  The SF Signal podcast (one which I listen to often).

http://www.swordandlaser.com/  Sword and Laser is another good podcast.



The RoboCop theme

Basil Poledouris has made some of my all time favorite pieces.

David Farlands ten reasons to reject a story


Just a quick link of the day for some food of thought

Found of the day: Ray Bradbury’s 7 Rules for Writers


Ray Bradbury’s advice is always quite good and inspiring.

C.S.Friedman Event Video


Currently reading

The Song of Ice and Fire boxset 1-4 books.

Initial thoughts: I spent the last two weeks reading the Clash of Kings and Storm of Swords. (I already read the first book many years ago in my native language) They are good books.

Rusch’s City of Ruins – I read it nonstop, a better book than the first one. I wanted to pre-order the next one but couldn’t do that since i don’t know if I live here still after the 100 days and more wait.

On list of books to get:

– Patrick Rothfuss – Wise Man’s Fear

– Scott Lynch – The Republic of Thieves

Guess that is about it for this update.