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Brandon Sanderson’s First Law

A very interesting read, and I do love magic system building.


What you should know about keyboards

If you are planning to get a decent keyboard for writing you should read up this guide.

Mechanical keyboards are something I’ve been considering for a while, my current keyboard the logitech wave is decent but when I try to type fast with it the keys get stuck and the build quality feels next keyboard will be mechanical, the Thermaltake meka G1 seems interesting.

Podcast fun — the “I should Be Writing” podcast (“It’s a podcast for the wanna-be writer, someone who had always wanted to write but just hadn’t for… whatever reason.”) seems quite interesting, haven’t listened to this much yet though.  The SF Signal podcast (one which I listen to often).  Sword and Laser is another good podcast.



Found of the day: Ray Bradbury’s 7 Rules for Writers

Ray Bradbury’s advice is always quite good and inspiring.

C.S.Friedman Event Video

Patrick Rothfuss Interviews Jim Butcher

Random rant: Why is it that most author interviews are of so low quality? I have found that I don’t want to post most of them because the quality is so horrible.

Patrick Rothfuss interviewed by Peter Orullian