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Interesting coming movies

Pain & Gain – A Michael Bay movie, but it sold itself to me when they wear the costumes on the trailer.


World War Z – Well it has zombies.


Star Trek Into Darkness – The new star wars to put star wars into star trek..hey atleast it will be entertaining..


Man of Steel – A new superman movie is welcome, if it is any good we’ll see.


Pacific Rim – Del Toro with robots?? Let’s hope it is good..can’t wait for a monster with eyes on its hands to fight robots..


Another Iron Man – Hopefully better than the last one, that said they’re usually atleast worth watching.

I probably forgot a lot of good ones, but this is already a pretty large list.


The RoboCop theme

Basil Poledouris has made some of my all time favorite pieces.

Videogame of Thrones (8-bit Theme of Game of Thrones)

Game of Thrones Episode 7 preview 2

Game of Thrones Episode 7 preview

Tintin 2011 trailer

I’m not normally a fan of the animated 3d look but this seems promising..but where is the classic theme music?

They need to atleast implement this theme in some mutilated form if nothing else.

Game of Thrones preview episode 6

This show won’t be slowing down.

There has been a small slowing down on further posts. (mainly because not that much interesting that i’ve felt i need to blog about)