Holiday sharings

I’ve been really really busy as of late, and tired. I have a new tablet and I need to setup some wlan at the apartment and also need to set some settings on it for wordpress to make posting and doing reviews easier..boy have I got a lot of books to read & review. University keeps me busy though but maybe I’ll find the time and it won’t stop me from posting interesting things..that’s what lazyness stops. 🙂

Anyway today’s nice link:
Robert Jackson Bennett nails it in his blog post how I feel about creative work as someone whose field of work in the future will involve finding people their career paths or the kind of education they want to specialize in (I might write on that in the future). There’s just no substitute for hard work and practice in any field, and you really need to be motivated by what you do. This I think is a problem often in schools that students aren’t motivated and this is reflected in their grades..why study when you don’t see the purpose or goal and have no love for the subject?

I’ve been playing with the concept on mini reviews for books so stay tuned for that. Right now I’m spending my christmas holiday doing some accounting..thank jupiter that is going to be over soon since the new person for that was chosen and I have to train soon as I finish my job for the last year though.

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