Classic games

I am using the lack of interesting stuff today to blog about two of my favorite all time games.

Fallout 2

“Fallout 2 is a computer role-playing game developed by Black Isle Studios and published by Interplay in 1998.”

I have been playing this game since 1999 to this day 2011. It is a game that seems to never grow old, the dialogue is interesting and has plenty of humour in it. Graphics might seem old fashioned to players who are used to the current generation of games but to me they have an compelling charm and feel. This here is truly a game made so well that people still play it to this day.(When it came out it was riddled with bugs..and still is but you can find a mod that gives new content and fixes bugs)

Baldurs Gate 2

“Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn, developed by BioWare and released September 26, 2000, is the second computer role-playing game in the Baldur’s Gate series, taking place just a few months after the events of Baldur’s Gate.”

I played this game around the same time as Fallout 2. I will always have a soft spot for isometric viewpoint games. But what i loved about Baldurs Gate 2? The weapons, gameplay, dialogue, story, enemies, graphics. I feel they just don’t make games like this anymore.

One thing these two games really have in common is the music. They have some of the best atmosphere creating music i’ve ever heard in a game.

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