Book Covers and the E-book

This is something that i’ve been thinking about for a while now. Is it possible for self-publishing authors to find competent graphic artist that falls in their price range to do the cover for an ebook + pod?

It isn’t hard to imagine that if you’re offering money and being honest about what you can pay that just from these two resources you can find an aspiring artist who might need the practice and job opportunity. (I would also consider art’s possible to get a student who might do such work for lower prices as practice)

Doing covers by yourself can be a taunting task. Anybody can learn to do simple ones but when you venture towards the digital painting side of art then why not make use of the talent that is out there?

Say if you’ve self-published and have a decent cover for your e-book & pod now out there but you want something better and you can now afford an artist whose style you like. How would you go about finding such a person? I think online forums such as conceptart and could present opportunity to find an artist for this purpose.

And what is a better excuse to post two forums where just looking at pictures can give you ideas for your writing. (be sure to look at this thread it’s wonderful)

Of course i think a graphic artist should be paid decently and i’m only suggesting that writers who can’t afford an expensive cover design like traditional publishers can find a solution on their own.

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