Upcoming book reviews

A small list of books i intend to review.

– Diving Into The Wreck – by Kristine Kathryn Rusch (SF)

– The Name Of The Wind – by Patrick Rothfuss (Fantasy)

– Red Seas Under Red Skies – by Scott Lynch (Fantasy) Also expect to see a review of “Lies of Locke Lamora”

– The Moon is A Harsh Mistress – by Robert A. Heinlein (SF) I will admit it right here i am a huge Heinlein junkie.

– Gormenghast trilogy – by Mervyn Peake (Fantasy)

– The Quiet War – by Paul McAuley (SF)

– Lankhmar – by Fritz Leiber (Fantasy)

There is no set schedule or order in which the reviews will come out. There also might be some reviews that come out before these.

Also if there is a review i know of on other review sites/blogs about the book i’m reviewing i will provide links at the end of the review.

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